adidas XBYO

The journey is the reward.

The letter X mostly stands for the end of a journey, a final point in time. This is not the case with XBYO, the new apparel collection of adidas Originals. Here, the X marks the beginning of a journey, the inception and take off into the future.

The brand with the three stripes gives the starting signal for XBYO in 2017, a voyage that became the perfect symbioses of origin, material and production of a design.

The origin of XBYO and its striking ribbed X that decorates the specially selected textiles, derives from the legendary adidas Italia - that was produced in the small, franconian city Herzogenaurach and already provided enthusiasm back in 1959 when the Olympic Games took place. Its green cross, that is placed on the heel was the beginning of XBYO. This „signature cross“ was reinterpreted and adorns the new timeless collection.

Satomi Nakamura as an expert for cuts and patterns was taken on the journey. There is no other designer that presents her great craftsmanship in this way in the streetwear pieces of the XBYO collection.

The path continued to Kamitonda, Japan. In the Kamitonda-based textile fabric „Yamayo Textiles“, that is a reliable contact for the production of high-quality items of clothing since 1934, the XBYO collection was delivered in good hands.

Therefor the X marks not only the beginning of a journey but also forms a cross - the cross section - opposite elements. East and West. Sport and Lifestyle. Design and Performance. You can start on your journey with XBYO from the 05.01.2017 at our shop.