Reinholz Coffee

For Heiko and Katja Reinholz, coffee is occupation, hobby and center of life. Since more than ten years, both life are all spinning around the black, fragrant drink - Coffee.

Sommelier and SCAE Barista Heiko Reinholz is thoroughly a coffee professional. During many trips to world famous growing areas, Heiko and Katja Reinholz gained valuable experience and built up a large network of like-minded people. The result of this passion are their noble, wholesome coffee creations, which consist all the careful roasting flows and expertise of the couple. Reinholz coffee is freshly roasted every day - directly at their store in the Florengasse in Fulda. Anyone who is interested in this traditional craft can look over the Reinholzens shoulder on Saturdays. Through the very low temperatured slow roasting process. the coffee gets largely freed from irritants, bitter substances and excess acids, while its aroma can develop naturally. The result of the effort: coffees of exceptional taste and unique digestibility.

Products from Reinholz