New Balance 576

When you speak of New Balance, it is necessary that the 576 is named. Since the 80's is it the flagship of the running shoe brand, which lovers and New Balance novices thrills.

In Flimby, a small village in the Borough of Allerdale in England that calls itself the home of New Balance. The heads among you would even dig deeper and ever call Flimby the home of the classic 576. In fact, New Balance's 576 was the first kick to leave the factory in a boc back in 1982.

To celebrate this quite longe tradition, New Balance releases from time to time some new models out of Flimby's cutting room. Inspired by the love of soul music, rugby and classic motorcycles some of the workers there, like Roy Bell, Billy Edgar or Andy Mandel repectively maintaned throughhout the years, New Balance drops 576's to pay tribute to the loyalty and engagement of those guys throughout the decades.

We're proud to carry those beutiful sneakers on For us, every 576 is a like a small heartpiece from us!