ASICS Gel-Kayano 5

The history of the Kayano series starts in 1993 in Kobe, Japan, where Toshikazu Kayano was to create the first Kayano as a hybrid for so-called »cross-country« training. The shoe should be equally prepared for running outdoors, as well as indoor training. The result was the GEL-Kayano, which got the nickname »TOP OF RUNNING SHOE«.

The Kayano 5, which originally hit the market in 1999 as a high performance running shoe, is now coming back. This shoe was developed when it was normal to show technology of shoes as well - hence the visible gel window around the heel. The unique Quadra Lacing of the Kayano 5 provided more stability. In addition, the DUOMAX technology should ensure that the impact is not too hard when unrolling. Fun fact: the Kayano 5 weighed about 370g by that time, so for the first time the weight of a running shoe was listed in the catalog.