Alchemy Equipment

Style. Performance. Quality.
These three words are describing our new favorite brand from New Zealand perfectly. The young company is not even four years old but already delights us on the other side of the earth.

Performance Driven Style - the boys and girl from the New Zealand company ALCHEMY EQUIPMENT work according to the motto to create value-based and high-performance products. In mid 2013, the company presented their simple but genius idea of combining urban, modern styles with high-quality materials, technics and designs to convince even the outdoor fans.

Summing up the facts it means: cool styles, high-performances, refinement and perfectly adjusted finishing - this is what ALCHEMY EQUIPMENT stands for. The company perfect the combination of modern, urban lifestyle and the love of nature. ALCHEMY EQUIPMENT created skillfully and with great commitment various stylish products that sat comfortably in both outdoor and urban environments. Inspired by the high mountains and high streets of New Zealand they designed a combination of function and style that is suitable for trips to the city or the woods.

Well-considered designs, high-performance technics in the form of well-tailored, finely crafted apparel and luggage with a refined modern aesthetic. These are the products of ALCHEMY EQUIPMENT that unify form and function, style and substance, the technical and the tailored.

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