It all started with a small building in the idyllic French town Sarrebourg in 1965. Over the years, the company was able to become a world-wide known producer of women's and men shoes. We’re talking about the renowned shoe manufacturer Mephisto. In 2018, the high-quality shoes finally found their way to Fulda!

After studying in the German town Pirmasens, Martin Michaeli went to the United States to gain experience in located factories. With his savings and his achieved knowledge after six years in the USA, he was ready to found his own business with a singular goal… »To make the world’s finest footwear.« So, Mephisto was born.

The moccasin becomes the spearhead of Mephisto. Its distribution starts in Germany, Austria, Belgium as well as in Switzerland and spreads from there over the whole of Europe. In 1984, the first Mephisto shop opened their doors in Aix-la-Chapel / Germany.

Today, Mephisto is an internationally respected name in the footwear industry. The shoe brand has 600 different models and more than 900 shops worldwide. One of the most iconic shoes is definitely the model Rainbow: »The shoe for the individualist. The shoe for the unconventional spirit. The shoe for those who want to look further than the end of their nose.«, according to Mephisto.

It was always a shoe that an older person might buy in order to become safer when moving about. Today, Mephisto shoes appeal to all ages. Especially the Rainbow model hit surprisingly today’s sneaker and streetwear scene. So, we are even happier to be able to present the French brand at 43einhalb!

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