The producers of NullSechsSechsEins are two guys from Fulda, Germany. The dudes working with illustrations and screen printing for years.

They don´t just share the live for design, but also have a long-lasting friendship. In their small garage, the boys put fresh motives on the fabrics. Far away from machine-produced clothes, they produce special editions - every piece is unique.

From coating and illuminating the screens to manual printing, to finishing with the logo and label - everything NullSechsSechsEins offers is handled by their hands in many work steps. And in the end, only what the two guys would wear by themselves, comes in the bag.

So no shirt exactly resembles the other, every print has its own character and identity. Everything about our clothes - from the yarn to the color - is environmentally friendly: the shirts are made of organic cotton and the fabric is certified according to the “Ökotex-100-standard“.

Artikel van NullSechsSechsEins