G-SHOCK x Asicstiger x 43einhalb

G-SHOCK and Asicstiger share more than just their common origin.

Both Japanese brands stand for development of the latest technologies, with the aim of making the impossible possible. They have proven many times that they are not giving up until they have achieved what others have bagged as impossible. With the development of their products, they show us that they overcome boundaries again and again, more and more progress for more quality and functionality.

It was only a matter of time before G-SHOCK and Asicstiger joined forces. This awesome collaboration consists of a version of the G-SHOCK GBA-800AT-1AER and two colourways of the Asicstiger Gel-Mai.

We're presenting this unique collab in 24 limited cases that as an collector's item. The »Collector’s Edition« will come for free with every Asicstiger Gel-Mai purchase. The G-SHOCK GBA-800AT-1AER is not included in the price, but is available at our shop as well.