New Balance 247

Any time - every day.

The new all-around service, ready for action at day and night, anytime, comes from New Balance in the form of their new sneaker model - the sporty and classic 247. The name of the shoe is following the colloquial expression »Twentyfour Seven« (nevertheless it is pronounced: Two - Four - Seven, not Twentyfour- Seven) and was chosen deliberately to stand out of the classic model designation. A new model with a new name. Nevertheless also long-term fans of New Balance who swear on retro designs and vintage sneaker can breathe a sigh of relief. The 247 maintains the essential DNA of the brand. Thousands of wonderful allusions and declarations of love to the legendary model of yesteryears can be found: from the pattern of the perforate tow box that reminds of the cut and seams of the 1300, the REV Lite mid sole that was inspired by the 998 through to the tonal color strap that we remember from the 567 model. However, the new »Look, Feel and Fit« sneaker appears with new features as well: smooth sock-like constructions to create accuracy of fit, new performance sole to ensure a stable support and the great shape.