New Balance was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley in Boston Massachusetts. The trained shoemaker had a vision: To give people with foot problems a shoe with perfect fit. He designed his shoes in detailed comparison to the human foot, so that its products contributed an incredible fit and comfort. Riley also found a big source of inspiration while watching chickens, which easily balance on their thin legs, through a "three-point stability“. So to speak, an entirely "new balance". New Balance` popularity quickly grew to a leading brand in the sneaker range. Some of the most legendary sport shoes of all time, the "Trackster" from 1961, became world famous while revolutionizing running through an undulating sole. The 577, another running shoe classic, reached a cult status and a high level of street credibility because of his long lasting and functional, aesthetic design. The foundation of New Balance long lasting success continues, due to the excellent sporting properties of their shoes that gives performance to runners, tennis players and other athletes.

The Made in England collection represents a proud tradition of craftsmanship and domestic manufacture. Our skilled workers at our factories in Cumbria in the UK create our most premium product, constructed from superior raw materials to the highest quality. This is the sneaker benchmark.