Reebok x Pleasures

Reebok has teamed up with Los Angeles streetwear label »Pleasures« to launch its own collection. It consists of a Reebok Aztrek, a Reebok Club C 85 and an Apparel collection.

The label is well known for its punk, metal and grunge preferences, as well as its controversial designs. They became famous by printing Kurt Cobain's suicide note on a T-shirt - a step that made them one of the most provocative streetwear brands ever.

The collection consists of several Reebok classics, that get their own style through a mix of eye-catching and classic colors. The »Pleasure« lettering and provocative details run though the entire collection and give the classic that certain something.

The Reebok x Pleasures collection shows how classic sportswear pieces will never get »old-fashioned«. With only small updates, you can create a whole new look!