Reebok x 43einhalb »Revenge Of Rui«

The Cooking Panda

Our story begins with the adorable Panda of Chinese descents - Rui Bu. The pudgy panda grew up in London’s Chinatown and is celebrated as a hero today. He discovered his passion for cooking at an early age by watching his mother prepare traditional Chinese dishes in the kitchen. His favorite meal were fried noodles with vegetables, which she prepared like no other. His dream was born: Rui Bu wanted to become a chef and share his family recipe with the entire world.

He applied as a kitchen assistant to the best restaurants in town to become a chef one day. But the elitist chefs mocked him for his mother’s simple noodles, which in their eyes had nothing to do with upscale cuisine. They thought he was useless to be a chef, so they hired him as a simple dishwasher. Rui was devastated and almost gave up his big dream.

However, Rui Bu continued to prepare his mother’s delicious meals during his breaks and even fed his hungry colleagues. They were so enthusiastic about the tasty noodles that he decided to open his very own restaurant: A snack bar with traditional Chinese cuisine from the wok. The rest is history.

Rui´s restaurants became so popular that he quickly decided to open further restaurants and today his cuisine is represented in every city in the world. His revenge on the upscale haute cuisine was his relevant success, because »Revenge is best served with noodles«.

The Revenge of Rui.