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adidas Yung-1 “Goku”

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  • Releasedate: 21.06.2018 | Online: 00:01 CEST | Instore: Frankfurt.

    The Falcon Dorf is back - with a new name!

    Inspired and named by a sneaker originally developed in 1996, the adidas designer lately dropped the »Yung1«. We know adidas as a brand which always has something to tell about a sneaker, and also this time we don’t want to withhold the great history of the »Yung1«.

    Once upon a time there was a team in Herzogenaurach that worked for a sports giant named adidas. The team was always very athletic and jogged around the forest and through a small Franconian village every morning. The residents affectionately called it »Falkendorf« and they lived a happy and content life in their beloved village. Only the athletic team was under pressure because they always watched out for the best products, the most beautiful designs and the latest technologies. After weeks of reflection and experimentation, the team finally made it and created a sneaker with extraordinary proportions. This one was to become the most wanted sneaker in the fashion world, but the team struggled, because they can´t finde a name for their latest creation. Thinking about back and forth for eternal times, one of the team members came up with the idea of naming the running shoe after the happy village »Falkendorf«, and after internationalizing the spelling, the »Falcon Dorf« was born!

    So there is only one question left: Why »Yung 1«? There is a reason for that as well: in the late 90's / early 000's adidas represented the collective memory for the younger generation of sneaker heads. So this means these kinda quirky shoes are way more than a trend. This world is the archive for an entire generation. adidas wants to pay homage to this special era and sneaker like these prove that adidas has such a rich history to offer. And what else reminds us on this time of our youth? Of course, Son Goku, the warrior who accompanied us constantly on our search of Dragon Balls. The combination of Yung 1 and Dragonball Z is the perfect throwback to the late 90s!

    adidas - Yung-1 “Goku” - B37613

    adidas - Yung-1 “Goku” - B37613

    adidas - Yung-1 “Goku” - B37613

  • Modelo: adidas Yung-1
    Empeine: Cuero, Textil, Sintético
    Plantilla: Cuero, Textil
    Suela: Goma
    Color-Fabricante: HIREOR/HIREOR/SHOYEL
    Categoría: Hombre
    Estilo: Running, Tech, Low
    Material interior: Textil
    Ajuste: normal
    Color principal: naranja
    N.º artículo de fabricante: B37613
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