The multiple duathlon World Champion and Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard and his Swiss friends David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti aren`t just united in the joy of Running, but also by the pursuit of a perfect product. This is how an idea grew into a revolutionary concept for a new running shoe: land soft but repel hard.

Therefore In January 2010, a runners dream came true with the symbiotic reality of engineering science and running practice of ON. Their foundation was laid in Zürich to fully develop an entire product family in Switzerland, using the latest technology. Numerous prototypes already scored world design- and technology awards, inspired the masses and more than 1200 Running specialists in over 25 countries report about „walking on clouds" to make enthusiastic customers switch to ON.

Are you also looking for the perfect running feel? We have the solution and present the Swiss label and their revolutionary running shoe concept that still amazes the running scene til today. ON gives a new feel where the fun always takes priority.

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