Pacemaker x Edwin

A classical pacemaker is known from several sports such as middle and long distance running, where he sets the pace of the athletes. Pacemaker Products transfers this metaphor into the mindset of people. A pacemaker never rests, always has a vision he follows and is never satisfied with what is expected from him. It’s someone with an intrinsic motivation; an entrepreneur!

»Set the Pace« is a claim that can be transferred into every situation of people’s lives – as a brand, founder Till Jagla and his team bring this mindset into streetwear and fashion.

For their latest collaboration, Pacemaker Products teams up with Japanese denim brand Edwin Denim. They created a whole collection called »Deutsch-Japanische Freundschaft«. Besides a classic ED-80 denim in a light washing and a similar denim jacket with different prints and patches, there will be a heavy »Never Rest« hoodie and four black and white tees.

»They Tried But They Can't Kill The Pace« does not only describe the upcoming collection but the whole spirit of Pacemaker Products.