The French Company Veja has been launching stylish sneakers on the market since 2005. The two founders Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, first went on a journey to understand the evolution of raw material prices and the production process of sneakers. On this journey, they also came up with the name of the label. Because Veja is Portuguese and preys on »Look there!« - This is exactly what the fair label does, thus maintaining fair working conditions and paying raw material prices that above the average world price. This also resulted in the company philosophy »Is another world possible?«.

The design is based on ideas from the 70s and the production on the ecological ideas of tomorrow. This combination results in a clean and unique design concept.

The raw materials for the Veja sneakers are manufactured in Brazil and are made of organic cotton, natural rubber and natural-tanned leather. They help organic farmers to live off their products and prevent further deconstruction of the rainforest through the sustainable production of rubber.

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